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Hammer Dagger (1 Play TD)

How To Stop Every RPO
Breakdown & Guide
Set Up
  • Play: Hammer Dagger | Formation: Gun Tight Y Off Wk | PB: Packers, 9ers, Broncos, Vikings
  • Streak Outside Left WR, Block HB, Flat Outside Right WR, Corner Route or Smart Out Route TE

How To Stop Every RPO

How To Stop Every RPO
Breakdown & Guide
  • Watching this entire video will give you the tools you need to stop every RPO in Madden 24.

2 HRM Revamps

Trips TE 
Quick Revamp
Bunch Str/Offset
Quick Revamp
  • I like Trips TE from Bills playbook now, although our Trips TE Scheme is from Pats
  • Easy to replicate from Bunch Offset & Bunch Strong!

Hot Route Master

Utilizing "Double Corners"
Basic Overview
What To Expect
  • You must do this to the WIDE SIDE of the field
  • One Deep Corner, One Short Corner, and One Clearout
  • Can do this from nearly every compressed formation

Blue Passing

How To "Blue Pass"
Basic Overview
What To Expect
  • Can't do it everytime, takes time to master!
  • Similar to "Greening" a shot in 2K
  • Full guide is inside the video


Why Fatigue Glitch Happens
Basic Overview
Defensive Scheme
Mini Scheme
  • If an Offensive Player weights 90 Pounds or MORE than a Defensive player, when they engage in a block the Defensive player will fatigue
  • So far, it appears EA's fatigue system is still bugged and occurs more often in All-Pro
  • Typically occurs with DBs
  • Chiefs/46 Playbook - Nickel Over
  • Auto Flip Off, Base Align On
  • Pinch Defensive Line
  • Press & Shade Coverage Underneath
  • Typically do this from Cover 3, this is NOT a full scheme but instead is a short guide

1/9/23 RPO Defense

RPO Defensive Guide
Full Guide
  • RPO *READ* Play are what are glitched. Example: RPO Alert Bubble, not a glitch. RPO Read Bubble, GLITCH!
  • To stop the glitch, you must have the Read Key and the player you want to defend the RPO (either by Hard Flat or by Man Up) as 2 different players
  • For easy hot fixes, checkout the video. Best 7 minutes you could spend

    1/9 Update

    2 New Best Route Combos
    META Routes
    SET UP
    • Must watch video or see write up below

      1/2 Update

      Practice Mode Breakdown
      Run D
      Gameplay Breakdown
      Run D
      Things To Remember
      • User the LB OPPOSITE of where you think the
        run is going
      • Avoid getting your user engaged with the Offensive Line
      SET UP
      • User the LB OPPOSITE of where you think the
        run is going
      • Avoid getting your user engaged with the Offensive Line

        11/19 Update

        Game Breakdown
        • Just what's going on in my head during this game. I think this type of information can be really valuable as there's a lot of ins and outs that can't be explained in Scheme Videos

        11/11/23 Update

        Trips TE Mini Scheme
        X Under, RPO Alert Bubble, Verticals
        • Watch video for full breakdown

        10/13/23 Update

        "Send 3 Glitch"
        Stopping RPOs
        • Best from Nickel 33, Nickel 33 Cub, Dollar
        • 3 Blitzing Defensive Linemen + your User positioned as shown in the video
        • As of right now, there is NO consistent "Send 3 Insta Shed Glitch". Sometimes players disengage running Loop Blitzes or sending 3.
          • Do NOT run pure Zone Coverage
          • Man Coverage with proper alignment
          • Ideally blitz 4 people (not including user)

          10/03/23 Update

          Pass Leading Review
          Film Review
          Freeform Guide
          Advanced Tips
          • Pass leading can be the difference between a play being a touchdown, and a play being a pick.
          • For my settings and a more basic overview, see our "Day 0" Tips at the top of this page
            • For my settings and a more basic overview, see our "Day 0" Tips at the top of this page

            09/15/23 Update

            Kickoff Theory
            PATCHED DONT USE
            Comeback Routes
            Underrated OP Route
            • Squib Kick, Spam A/X at the top of the meter (s/o to Brad in the Discord for showing me this. You're a legend Brad)
            • Kick left, drag out contain, swoop inside the contain other side
              Throw right before WR makes his cut

              09/04/23 Update

              Defending Compression
              Basic Coverage Concept
              My Favorite Route
              HB Texas Routes
              Must Use Ability
              QB Giftwrapped
              Redzone Runs
              RPO Runs
              • Cover 4 Drop, Base Align, Press
              • If only sending 3, make sure to have your user Blitzing and near the DL so you can shed still (Pro Tip)
              What To Know
              • HB Texas Routes are OP, beat Man and Zone
              • Need RB Apprentice or Hot Route Master
              • Love it with the Route Combo Shown in video
              • Make highballs good again with the Giftwrapped QB Ability
                I LOVE RPO Runs inside the 10 Yard Line

                08/25/23 Update

                Blitz Pickup
                How To Block
                Beating Man Coverage
                Beating Man Advice
                Tools We Can Use
                • Blocking at least our HB or TE if the Line of Scrimmage is crowded
                • Block HB AND TE vs Heavy Blitzes
                • Motion Blocking can be really good to help vs some blitzes
                What To Know
                • WR Drags, and HB Ins/Outs are great Hot Routes that can be added to numerous plays to help beat Man Coverage
                • Deep Posts as shown in the video can be smart routes to beat Man quicker/better

                08/17/23 Update

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