Will my Membership automatically renew?

Monthly memberships will automatically renew, whereas our annual membership will end after exactly 1 year and you'll be forced to manually renew!

Is the Annual Membership only for Madden 22? Or is it 365 Days?

Our Annual subscription is a full 365 Days. Unlike other sites who's annual subscriptions lose value as the Madden year goes on, our annual membership will last until this time next year, meaning you will receive Madden 23 content as well.

What comes with a Civil.GG membership?

Our memberships include access to every ebook, our private discord server, Civ U, entry into our $100 monthly giveaway, and many more exclusive perks.

How do I access my content?

At the top of the screen, click on the "Members Only" button.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Card: If you paid via card, you can go to "My Account" and on the right hand side you'll see the "Cancel Subscription" option.
PayPal: If you paid via PayPal, you must go to PayPal and cancel the reoccurring payments through them. If you need help, this article will walk you through the steps https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-cancel-a-billing-agreement,-automatic-recurring-payment-or-subscription-on-paypal-faq2254

How many Ebooks will be released this year?

It's hard to predict a set number, but you can be assured you'll always have access to the most META Dominating Ebooks available, and you can see our full list here.

How long does it take to get access to the content?

You gain access IMMEDIATELY after becoming a member.ere.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of our content, we have a strict NO REFUND policy.

Have another question?

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