Eagles Scheme Preview

What To Expect In Our Schemes
Double Post 1
Quick Snap
Double Post 2
Everything Beater
Corner Out Dig
Everything Beater
Set Up
  • Drag Point WR
READS: Our TE Flat is our Immediate Hot Read. Next, we're looking at the mesh underneath and working our way up to the Post
Set Up
  • Hitch/Zig Point WR
  • Drag TE
  • Block HB
  • Comeback Iso WR
READS: Look for the High - Low between Drag & Comeback on the sideline, then work back to Hitch/Post Combo
Set Up
  • Fade/Streak Outside WR
  • Flat/Drag TE
  • Block HB
READS: Simple Flood Concept. Read the open space on the sideline, if nothing is there, work back to the Dig over the middle of the field
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CIVIL'S NOTE: Each Scheme can be learned in under 30 minutes, but it's important to only focus on a few plays at a time. It's better to master a few, than be average at many.