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"Civ's site and this Discord saved my Madden Career"

CivilGG Member

"@MisterCiv it’s crazy I can take months off madden get back on run your scheme and still blow out people ranked in top 500"

CivilGG Member

"Yo that Tight Flex Scheme, FIRE bro, has so many routes that get open vs everything"

CivilGG Member

12-0 with the Offense currently lol

CivilGG Member

Best offenses in madden, simple and to the point, wins games at the highest level.

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Frequently Asked

What does a CivilGG Ebook look like?

Click here to see a FULL ebook from a scheme we dropped in Madden 22!

How long does it take to get access to the content?

After becoming a Member, you get access immediately! Just click on the "Members' Only" option in the menu and get started!

Is your Annual Membership only for Madden 23?

Our Annual Membership lasts for 365 Days. Meaning that you'll get Madden 23, and Madden 24 content.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of our products, and the ability for someone to become a Member, screen record everything, and then just request a refund, we do NOT offer any refunds after a sale is made. If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at

Will my Membership automatically renew?

Monthly Memberships renew automatically (you can cancel at anytime), Annual Memberships must be manually renewed!

What comes with a CivilGG Membership?

Our Memberships include EVERY Ebook on the Site, access to our Private Discord and Community, a Full Library of Civ University, $100 Cash Giveaways, and the tools to start winning more Madden games today.

How many Ebooks will you release this year?

I pride myself on only releasing content I know that can beat the best players in the world, that's tried and true by me in Pro Tournaments. Last year we had nearly 20 different Ebooks and Revamps in total, and expect to produce close to the same this year.

Will you be supporting Old Gen content?

Unfortunately we've made the decision to cut off Xbox One and PS4 content. With that being said, M23 Old Gen is the same as M22, so all of our previous Old Gen content is still viable. Additionally, many of our New Gen concepts will work, and our Discord can help you improve your game, regardless of which console you're on.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling is easy! We'd hate to see you leave, and would love to address any concerns you have through email or DMs, but if you must go all you need to do is go to your "My Account" page inside the Members' Dashboard, then click on one of the Payments you've already made and you'll see a "Cancel" option!

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