How To Read A Defense


PreSnap reads are essential to passing at a high percentage,
watch the following videos, and practice what you learn.
Step 1 to learning how to
read a defense
If They ARE Base Aligned
If they are Base Aligned, this is
what we're thinking
If They AREN'T Base Aligned
If they are not Base Aligned, this
is what we're thinking
Blitz, Or Not A Blitz
How to determine whether
you're facing a blitz or not

Identify whether or not they are base aligned.
The thought process changes DRASTICALLY 
depending if they are/aren't.


If they are Base Aligned, watch what the outside
corners do if they press. For further detail, watch
the video!


If they aren't Base Aligned, look at the safeties.


This is extremely important. This video breaksdown
how to judge whether or not your opponent is blitzing

Post Snap

Once they ball is snapped, everything changes. This will cover everything.
Do's And Dont's
The basics to post snap behavior
to ensure success
Post Play Tip
Pros do this, you don't.. yet.
Making Reads
Everything comes down to this

These are the basics of what you need to
do, and need to avoid, after the snap.


This tip.. this changed my life a few years ago.


Watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't seem to get a play to work, what do I do?

First thing I need you to do, and you're not going to want to hear this, is double and triple check that you are doing EVERYTHING right. Check the hashmarks, check the order you're setting things up in, watch the video and make sure you're mimicking exactly how I am.

I'm doing everything right and it still won't work, now what?

Make sure the top of this ebook doesn't have an "outdated" disclaimer which can happen to older ebooks as the year progresses. If you're having issues still, type in our Discord (found in the Members' Dashboard) or shoot me a DM personally.

I can't seem to fit all the abilities for some reason, why is this? 

So in Ultimate Team there's a ton of different Player Archtypes who all get Abilities for different AP amounts. My suggestion is this - try to fit the CORE abilities (especially passing ones). For further detail - join our Discord to ask questions!

Does this work for Regs or MUT?

So everything can be tuned and adjusted to work for Regs, and it WILL work at an extremely high level, BUT, with Ultimate Team being the main competitive game mode, our schemes are geared towards MUT.

I feel like there's less plays in this ebook than other sites, why is it so short?

I'm a huge believer in mastering a few plays, rather than being okay at a bunch. This is reflected inside of the schemes I run, and you can even see this on stream and in my videos. I refuse to put plays in these ebooks that aren't absolutely a part of my scheme. I don't add in Filler plays, or things just to look pretty.

I want to ask you more questions regarding this scheme, how can I do this?

The best place is by far our Discord, which you can find inside the Members' Dashboard