How To Play The Best Defense In Madden 23

When you're able to stop your opponent, it makes winning games a whole lot easier. Thankfully for you, in this article we'll be sharing 3 lockdown defensive tips to help you stop the run, stop the pass, and ultimately win more games in Madden 23.

1. Keep It Simple

Look, I'm a big believer that most people overcomplicate almost everything, I'm not here to do that. To get stops you need to do two things

1) Stop The Pass

2) Stop The Run

Obvious, yet simple. Now let's dive into exactly how to do these 2 things below

Pro Tip: Keep your game plan stupid simple, this will prevent mental lapses deep into Weekend League runs.

How To Play Lockdown Defense In Madden 23

2. How To Stop The Pass

Now what's cool here is that this is actually broken down pretty much into three things, shouldn't be too complicated right?

1) Have a good blitzing play

2) Have a good coverage play

3) Make the two above look exactly the same

You see if you're able to do this, the offense will never know what to expect. There's so much pressure on the quarterback every time he drops back to pass, so if you can make him feel a little confused each play not knowing what to expect when the ball is snapped, it'll make him uncomfortable. When someone is uncomfortable, they make mistakes and you get bad reads and interceptions on your end. Each drive all you need is one bad read from the quarterback and bingo! That's a pick and you just got a stop and the ball back baby.

Pro Tip: Make sure you user a safety or a linebacker, usering the DLine limits the impact you have on defense signifcantly.

How To Play Lockdown Defense In Madden 23

3. How To Stop The Run

Okay I won't lie, this can sometimes be way easier and sometimes way way WAY harder than #2. To be honest these guys who are running the ball are pretty much doing what I covered here and literally praying to Coach John Madden that they break a single run to the crib. This can be really really frustrating as someone who's playing defense. You MUST stay patient and fill your gap every single play, all it takes is literally one slip up on your end and boom they're to the crib and you're tossing the controller across the room. Stay patient, watch the running back, and do your job as a tackler on defense.

Pro Tip: Make sure you match personnel the best you can. If they're in Iform Tight, you should probably NOT be in a formation with more than five defensive backs.

How To Play Lockdown Defense In Madden 23

In Conclusion

Defense is hard, and everybody and their brother is going to tell you it's extremely complicated. It just doesn't need to be, follow the tips above, and you'll be able to start getting more stops and win more games immediately. And if you don't know what the best formations are to use on defense, then click right here and we'll get that taken care of for you.