How To Run The Ball In Madden 22

Want to get better at running the ball in Madden 22? With these 5 tips we got you covered.

1. Count the numbers

We're gonna jump right into the basics. Running the ball is a numbers game. As painfully obvious as it sounds, you want to run the ball where you have more or equal blockers to where the defense has defenders. You can control which way most runs (not including shotgun) by flicking the "right stick" left or right.

Pro Tip: Use motion to help increase the numbers in your favor before the snap and catch the defense off guard.

How To Run The Ball In Madden 22

2. Read your blocks

Most runs aren't as straight forward as just running right where the arrow shows. Sometimes it's gonna take a little wiggling to the left or right from your end to make sure you hit the holes correctly. While this is important as soon as you take the handoff, this is also important into springing a run that hits the second level and getting it to the endzone.

Pro Tip: Do NOT hold turbo until you get into the open field and are running in a straight direction! It limits your ability to cut left and right a lot!

How To Run The Ball In Madden 22

3. Call the correct runs

Unfortunately, not all runs are created equals. While it's too early to guarantee what is good and what isn't in Madden 22, here's a short list of what is and is not good almost every single madden

Good: Dive, Inside Zone, Power O, Stretch

Bad: Counter, Inside Zone Split, HB Zone

Iffy: HB Toss, Strong Power, Read Option

Having knowledge of what is and isn't good in Madden is one of the biggest keys to making sure you're not wasting plays, so make sure to utilize the advice above and to not waste a single play on a run that hasn't been good in years.

Pro Tip: Certain formations are more suited for running too! IForm Tight is great for running!

How To Run The Ball In Madden 22

4. Use Abilities

If you plan on running the ball a lot, you need to use the proper abilities. It makes no sense to have hot route master if 70% of your play calling is on the ground. Utilize abilities like Bulldozer, Juke Box, and Nasty Streak to take your running game to the next level and get the most out of the personnel you have on the field.

Pro Tip: Make sure you actually USE the abilities. Juke Box is great, but if all you do is truck, maybe you should change it to a different ability!

How To Run The Ball In Madden 22

5. Trust The Process

If your game plan is running the ball, you need to trust it, even if you're down early. Running is meant to wear the defense down and eventually one is going to pop. Keep taking your 4 yard, 5 yard, 3 yard gains and force them to stop you. Don't get out of your game plan until you absolutely have too.

Pro Tip: I actually suggest at the very least trying to be 50/50, being run heavy is much much harder to do in today's Madden's than Madden's of the past.


Running the ball is a staple of American football, so learning how to run the ball in Madden 22 is vital for how to win more games. With the tips above, you'll be able to take your ground game to the next level, and start dominating opponents today!