Civil's Trips TE

Table Of Contents

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What To Know
  • Patriots PB, compatible with Packers/Run n' Gun
  • Easy, Simple, High Level Set Ups
  • Gunslinger & HRM Recommended, click here to see my MUT Team
  • Audibles: Y Post, RPO Zone Bubble, Verticals, PA Slot Corner
Blocking Tips
  • Block HB
  • ID Outside Trips Corner if needed (ID DTackle can be helpful as well)
  • Motion Block Outside WR

Quick Tips (update soon)

Tools We Can Use
  • Blocking at least our HB or TE if the Line of Scrimmage is crowded
  • Block HB AND TE vs Heavy Blitzes
  • Motion Blocking can be really good to help vs some blitzes
What To Know
  • WR Drags, and HB Ins/Outs are great Hot Routes that can be added to numerous plays to help beat Man Coverage
  • Deep Posts as shown in the video can be smart routes to beat Man quicker/better

Civil's Favorite Plays

These should be the #1 most called plays inside the Ebook - Learn these first
Set Up
  • HB In/Out/Texas (Optional)
Set Up
  • Drag TE
  • Streak Outside WR
  • Zig Middle WR
  • Wheel HB
Set Up
  • Drag TE
  • Streak Point WR
  • Post TE
  • Block/Flat HB
  • Drag Iso WR
RPO Zone Bubble
  • Great Run + Bubble can kill zone coverage/blitzes

Secondary Plays

  • Streak TE
  • In Outside WR
  • Drag Outside WR
  • Streak Middle WR
  • Block/Wheel HB
  • Motion Block/Snap Outside WR as shown
Set Up
  • Comeback Outside WR
  • Post/Slant/Drag Inside WR
  • Zig Middle WR
  • Wheel/Block HB
Set Up
  • Post Slot (Optional)
  • Streak Outside Bunch WR
  • Block/Flat HB


  • See video
  • You need to be DISCIPLINED thisyear on Offense.
    Don't be afraid to punt, kick 3, and throw the ball away