Civil's Dollar Defense (46/Chiefs D)


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This is our most recent Revamp of the Dollar Defense. The other versions still work! This is just what I'm running currently.

Revamped Version (NEW)

What To Expect
Cover 4 Concept
Base Coverage
Where We're Weak
Weakness + Adjustments
FS Zone Blitz
Best Blitz In Madden
Run & RPO D
  • This is Version 3 of our Dollar Scheme, the other versions still work, just not my main set up!
  • Auto Alignment: Base | Auto Flip: Off
  • KOs are ideal for this Defense, but we can make this work in Regs & CFM
Tip: These defense is a Concept that can be applied to more than just Dollar. Watch the videos all the way through.
Set Up
  • Pinch Everything (Global Pinch)
  • Crash Defensive Line Down
  • Shade Coverage Underneath
  • Blitz User
Tip: Standing near the Defensive Line with your user like I do in the video. This will make a huge difference in your Sheds.
  • This is great at defending Deep & the Flats, but we're weak in the Intermediate Areas of the field
  • Make minor adjustments, don't change everything to stop 1 play
  • Adjusting Hook Curl Depth is a secret tactic few people know about
  • Watch this video, it's important!
Tip: I love running my Base Defense, and then taking one Defender (usually a Hook Curl) and manning him up onto the most dangerous WR
Set Up
  • Pinch Defensive Line
  • Press Coverage (Do not Global Pinch)
  • Shade Coverage Underneath
  • Adjust the Top Left Safety
  • Blitz your User
Tip: This defense is great at attacking Pass Heavy Offenses. This Blitz is best when you don't have any Pass Rushing Abilities on your Defensive Line, as those Trigger Animations that mess up the Blitz
  • Your user should start on the side that's Opposite of where you think the run is going
  • We're looking to Loop across the Defense to make a play with our User, or free up at CPU Defender
  • This concept works in almost every Madden
  • RPO Defense is included in the second half of this video. It includes a specific defense and hot fixes
Tip: While this can take a little practice, the value from being able to run this correctly is huge. I run Dollar against nearly EVERY formation, regardless if it's Heavy or not. For more Run D, checkout our "Pro Tips" section

Revamped Version 12/14

Set Up
  • Come out in DBL Safety Blitz then audible to Cover 4 or Cover 3 Cloud
  • Watch Videos in FULL
  • Rest of Ebook still Viable
  • See my team here
  • Deep Out Zone KO is HUGE for our Outside Corners
Set Up
  • Pinch DL and Crash Down
  • User HB on LB side and Blitz Him
  • Shade Coverage Underneath
Set Up
  • Pinch DL and Crash Down
  • User LB on HB Side
  • Shade Coverage Underneath
  • Note: To stop RPOs, Man Up Hook Curls to RPO WR
Set Up
  • Pinch DL
  • Hook Curl Top Left Safety
  • User Right MLB
  • Shade Coverage Underneath

Introduction (Version 1)

What To Know
  • Watch every video.
  • 46 PB. Dollar Formation
  • 2 Basic Defensive Plays
  • Link to full team here
  • Deep In Zone KO is a MUST HAVE on both safeties. This ability is a GAME CHANGER.
  • See below for our BLITZ Coaching Adjustments
  • Auto Flip Off, Alignment Base, Zone Drops Default, Match On
  • See below for our DOUBLE MABLE Coaching Adjustments
  • Auto Flip Off, Alignment Base, Flats 25 or 30, Curl Flats 5 or 0, Match On

Dollar - Basic Coverage

Set Up
  • Global Pinch Defense
  • Individually Back Off Both Outside Corners
  • Curl Flat Both Slot Corners
  • Blitz User & Stand As Shown
  • Slant DL Inside (Optional) 
Set Up
  • Global Pinch Defense
  • Blitz User & Stand as shown
Set Up
  • Use either of the other 2 play set ups
  • Crash DL Down
  • Man Up Bubble to stop RPO
Set Up
  • Global Pinch Defense
  • Blitz User & Stand As Shown
  • Slant DL Inside
  • Shade Coverage Underneath


Set Up
  • Pinch DL
  • Blitz User + Stand In Gap As Shown
  • Press Defense (optional)
  • Please watch the video dog, it's 3 minutes
Set Up
  • Global Pinch Defense
  • User Middle Third Safety
  • Cloud Outside Corners
  • Blitz Spy'd LB
Set Up
  • See video & graphic below