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  • Use the "LT/L2" button to push the ball
    outside of the Grey Circle (shown later).
  • Hold down "LT/L2" at the same time you
    push the left stick to pass lead
  • You do NOT need to Freeform each Pass!
  • Watch EVERY VIDEO through, they're all 3
    minutes or less
  • Freeform Passing lets you make throws
    like this!
  • Notice how by using the "LT/L2" button as I go to throw,
    I can push the ball outside of the grey circle!
  • The Distance setting allows you to set how
    far outside or the "Grey Circle" you can pass
    lead using the "LT" feature
Set Up
  • The Reticle Speed controls how fast
    you're able to move the Orange
    reticle with the Left Stick!

How To Learn

These plays are scattered throughout the ebook, but Civil wanted to make special note of them
Set Up
  • Have your "Meter Slowdown" on max
  • After you're comfortable, turn it off
  • Do this with the "Offense Only" Practice
  • Do this BEFORE hopping into an online game!
  • Watch this video to learn how to highball and lowball
    using the Free Form passing feature!

Frequently Asked

What does a CivilGG Scheme look like?

Click here to see a FULL ebook from a scheme we dropped in Madden 23.

Will this really make me better?

I can confidently say, yes. We have over 1,000 Members, and after conducting a Feedback Survey 99% of Members said they got better, and 97.2% said they started winning more games after joining our Community.

Is the Yearly Membership only for Madden 24?

Our Annual Membership lasts for 365 Days. Meaning that you'll get Madden 24, and Madden 25 content.

What is your Refund Policy?

Due to the digital nature of our products we do not offer any refunds after a sale is made or payment is collected upon the first purchase or renewal of a Membership.

Any questions please reach out to [email protected] directly via email.

Will my Membership automatically renew?

Yes, all Memberships automatically renew. You can cancel at any time.

What comes with a CivilGG Membership?

Our Memberships include every Scheme on the site, access to our Members Only Discord, Pro Tips, Discounted Coaching, and has the potential to include other benefits as the year goes on.

How good are these Schemes?

Every year since 2019 I've been a Top 50 Madden player. I've won thousands of dollars playing this game, and I only release content that will work against the Top 50 Players in the world. This is tried and tested against the best.

I don't want to run META, what do I do?

While Civil.GG content often times becomes the META, I come from an Off Meta background (the first tournament I won, I was Pistol Full House). The Schemes include concepts that are transferrable to numerous formations, allowing you to pick and choose what you like, and apply it to your own style of Madden

How do I cancel my subscription?

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