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  • Use the "LT/L2" button to push the ball
    outside of the Grey Circle (shown later).
  • Hold down "LT/L2" at the same time you
    push the left stick to pass lead
  • You do NOT need to Freeform each Pass!
  • Watch EVERY VIDEO through, they're all 3
    minutes or less
  • Freeform Passing lets you make throws
    like this!
  • Notice how by using the "LT/L2" button as I go to throw,
    I can push the ball outside of the grey circle!
  • The Distance setting allows you to set how
    far outside or the "Grey Circle" you can pass
    lead using the "LT" feature
Set Up
  • The Reticle Speed controls how fast
    you're able to move the Orange
    reticle with the Left Stick!

How To Learn

These plays are scattered throughout the ebook, but Civil wanted to make special note of them
Set Up
  • Have your "Meter Slowdown" on max
  • After you're comfortable, turn it off
  • Do this with the "Offense Only" Practice
  • Do this BEFORE hopping into an online game!
  • Watch this video to learn how to highball and lowball
    using the Free Form passing feature!

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