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Civil's Gun Tight (Detroit)
  • Learn how to block EVERY Meta Blitz
  • Route combos that easily beat man coverage
  • Unique offense that even Pros aren't prepared for
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The Best Offense In Madden 22
Civil's Dollar (Chiefs)
  • The HOTTEST Blitz In Madden 23
  • Run Defense for ANYTHING you come across
  • Coverage shells that are meant to BOX and CONFUSE opposing players
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The Best Defense In Madden 22
Mcbried's Trips TE (Pats/Lions)
  • Defeat ANY Defense You See
  • Designed To DESTROY The META
  • Attack quickly underneath, then hit your opponent for HUGE gains overtop
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Civil's Nickel Over D
  • The most POLARIZING Blitz in
    Madden 23!
  • They wanna run the ball? They can't.
  • Coverages designed for EVERY Meta Offense you'll see.
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Civil's UTrips
  • The Best Route Combos
  • The Best Way To Agg
  • Force Defenses to adjust to YOU, not the other way around.
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