Day One Tips You NEED To Know

Want to win more games right away in Madden 23? Look no further than these 4 tips and start dominating today.

1. How To Pass

Passing sounds easy right? See the open receiver and throw it, right? No. Well, kinda. You see in Madden NFL 22, we're able to do a bunch of different things to help our passing game result in more yards for us, and less interceptions for them. Want to lazer a ball right underneath a deep safety? We got you. Need to fit it just over the head of a linebacker? We got that too, keep reading.

Every time you throw the ball, Madden gives you the option to set a pass type (lob, bullet, or touch) and a pass trajectory (normal, high ball, low ball). Being able to utilize these is the difference between throwing three picks, and three touchdowns over the course of a game. Now the best place to practice this is the practice mode, but below I'll break down what each of these do and how to do them:

Pass Types:

Lob - The lob pass is extremely basic. Have a streak that just beat the corner overtop? You'll want to lob that bad boy up over the head of that corner and let your receiver catch that baby with ease. (Tap the icon you want to throw too)

Bullet - Also pretty basic. Have a tight window you need to fit the ball into? Lobbing it gives the defense too much time to react, so you want to bullet it in there! Perfect for times when a receiver is sitting between defenders! (Press and hold down on the icon you want to throw too)

Touch - A bit more advanced, and doesn't translate to Madden as well as we'd like. This is meant for getting the ball up over the head of a linebacker, but with enough "oomph" to get it to your target before that safety can get to him. I'd recommend staying away from this one and instead use a combination of the bullet pass and the "high ball" which we'll talk about later! (Press but let go of the intended icon, exactly in between how you would throw a lob or bullet)

Pass Trajectories:

Normal: For the high and low ball, we'll be using either a bumper or a trigger, for the normal pass just pass it how you usually would! Great for if you want to get some YAC, just press the button and throw!

High Ball: Typically a bit riskier, but meant for fitting the ball into tight windows where your receiver has to go up and get it. Usually paired with the bullet pass, think about a curl route sitting in the back of the end zone behind the defense, this is how you'd throw it! (Hold the left bumper to throw)

Low Ball: Usually paired with the bullet pass, this is meant for putting the ball in a spot that allows you to make a possession catch to ensure your receiver will catch it and the ball won't get in harms way! Think of a curl route sitting at the first down marker in-between zones! (Hold left trigger to throw)

Using these tips you'll be able to immediately jump in front of the chase and establish yourself as one of the best passers in Madden! Make sure you practice these different pass types, and continue reading for more tips to take your game to that next level!

Pro Tip: Almost every year, low passes are glitched to be way too effective! Be on the lookout for this in Madden 23!

Day One Tips You NEED To Know

2. Who To User On Defense

This tip is what will take your mediocre defense and turn it into one that can dominate almost any offense you see. You NEED to be usering a Linebacker or a Safety in Madden 22. The amount of flexibility you give yourself usering one of these positions is an absolute game changer. From being able to defend a drag and peel back to defend a post just as it's about to get open, I've seen a good user defender make up for the worst defensive gameplans I've ever seen.

Pro Tip: Do NOT hold turbo until you get into the open field and are running in a straight direction! It limits your ability to cut left and right a lot!

Day One Tips You NEED To Know

3. How To Use Abilities

The past two Maddens have been dominated not by player ratings, but instead it's been dominated by those players who have abilities attached to their name. Making use of your player's abilities is vital to getting the maximum from your player's, below is a list of abilities and examples of how you should be using them!

Acrobat: You should use this player in coverage, do NOT blitz him often as this is a waste of his ability!

Juke Box: You'll want to get a player with this ability in space, and then try to juke. HB Tosses, Bubble Screens, and even as a Kick/Punt returner are great ways to utilize this ability!

Double Or Nothing: Let this player rush the quarterback at all times! Don't waste him in a spy or in some sort of shallow zone, he needs to be getting after the QB always!

Any Route Apprentice: This player gives you extra routes, use them! It's okay to put him on some stock routes, but you need to take advantage of the plethora of extra route this player adds to your offense!

Pro Tip: Be mindful to not force the use of these abilities as well. They're meant to COMPLIMENT your style, not BE your style.

Day One Tips You NEED To Know

4. Stay Calm

Look dude, Madden is going to cheat you. It's gonna suck. You're opponent is going to be the luckiest guy in the world and probably just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there's nothing you can do. But, what you can do is stay level headed. Believe it or not (and this is gonna make someone mad) EA doesn't actually hate you specifically, instead the game is just full of randomness. Regardless, the amount of people I've seen lose games because they rage after being cheated is hilarious, you just have to conciously tell yourself that it's okay, and lock back in. Because typically, you're not going to get cheated the entire game every game, so it's okay. Just lock back in and get the W.

Pro Tip: Sometimes EA just wants to emotionally hurt you, those days you may just want to turn off the Xbox and ride your bike or something.

Day One Tips You NEED To Know


Madden is a game that has an extremely large skill gap when it comes from being a beginner getting the game for the first time and being a pro. With that being said, using the tips above is a great way to get started on your path to dominating whatever opposition you face. Want to read more posts like this? Scroll down and click our Blogs link, or become a member and get the best schemes to date and be on the fast track to becoming a Madden pro!