Win Every Game.

Follow These Steps
  • Create a Playcall Sheet & Script using the current Offense you're running. If you're just starting that's okay, fill it out to the best of your ability.
  • You're currently on our "6 Steps To The Top 100" Page. Scroll down and watch the first video. Take notes, and apply this to your own game before moving on.
  • Checkout our "10 Route Combos" Guide. Every Route Combo inside has been used for over 5 Years by me. Learn these, and get a better understanding of how to create Route Combos of your own.

Civil's 6 Steps To The Top 100

Step 1

Beating The Defensive META

  • Use this Document to follow along with each step
  • What are their Main Formations, Coverages, and Pressure they use?
  • How can we exploit this?

Step 2

Stopping The Offensive META

  • What formations are they using?
  • What are the most common playcalls?
  • Where is the most dangerous route?

Step 3

The Importance Of Redzone

  • What Runs, Passes, and Gadget Plays can we use to get an advantage?
  • What are their most likely playcalls and can we stop them?
  • How can we make it hard on them?

Step 4

Stop Being Cute

  • Does your Offense make sense?
  • Does your Defense make sense?
  • Are you trying to win as many games as possible, or play Madden the way you want to play?

Step 5

You're Beating Yourself

  • We can't take bad sacks, we can't throw dumb picks, we can't give up free touchdowns

Step 6

Reps, Reps, Reps!

  • Reps are vital to our success. Use the reps you get to analyze and adjust our first 5 Steps.
  • If we're executing a Step well, build upon it. If we're doing a bad job, break it down and ask why? Then rebuild it and analyze your results again.

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